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Social Skill Activities for Today’s Kids, Ages 4-5

Social Skills Activities for Today’s Kids Helps Your Child Have Positive Social Experiences!This colorful workbook helps you...
Social Skills Activities for Today’s Kids Helps Your Child Have Positive Social Experiences! This colorful workbook helps your child practice and prepare for social situations in his or her everyday life, such as making friends, going to school, and going places. Learning social skills is an important part of your child having friendships and other meaningful relationships, as well as positive interactions with classmates and teammates. Fun activities and hands-on projects that practice basic skills, such as tracing, coloring, cutting and gluing, puzzles, shapes, sequencing, and more, are all part of the worksheets and art projects in this book. Each workbook includes: • 75 fun and meaningful activities and hands-on projects • A social skills handbook to remove from the workbook and put together so your child can continue to practice his or her social skills and remember all he or she has learned Engaging full-color activities help your child learn about topics such as: Making Friends • What is a friend? • How friends play • How friends share • How friends help • Using nice words • Showing feelings Being at School • Classroom rules • Classroom friends • Things you do at school • Taking turns • Healthy habits • Making good choices • Eating at school • Quiet time at school • Kindness on the playground • Safety on the playground • Playing with friends • Playing by yourself Going Places • Going places with my family • Quiet voice, loud voice • Talking to people • People’s pets • Eating at a restaurant • Going to a store • Rules at different places …and more Learning social skills can often happen naturally as children observe the people in their environment and as parents provide guidance and direction. The activities in this workbook make practicing and talking about social skills a positive experience for both children and parents and provide a platform for parents to guide their children in their family’s personal preferences and boundaries.

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